Authentic Real Wasabi Powder

Our celebrated Real Wasabi Powders allow you to experience the nuanced flavors of authentic Real Wasabi while enjoying the convenience of a pantry item.  All our powders contain ONLY authentic Wasabia japonica...NO horseradish, NO colourants, NO fillers.

Real Wasabi Powder is preferred by taste groups and chefs 

Our classic 100% Real Wasabi (culinary) powder blend is primarily Wasabia japonica rhizome powder (over 75%) with some stem and leaf powder added for flavor, color and texture. This culinary blend is preferred by food packers, taste groups and chefs for table use as it offers the closest thing to the subtle, nuanced flavor of freshly grated wasabi.  
We offer this Real Wasabi Powder in three popular sizes of glass jars for re-sellers and consumers as well as in 1 KG and 3 KG foil bags for food manufacturers. Nutraceutical formulators often prefer 100% Pure Rhizome Powder, which we also offer in bulk.  For manufacturers who prefer to blend their own, we offer Pure Wasabi Leaf Powder as well. 
All of our Real Wasabi Powders are derived from Wasabia japonica plants grown under natural conditions.  While produced using sustainable, all-natural methods, our Real Wasabi powders are not certified organic nor are they kosher certified. We do not certify nor assure any specific levels of precursor glucosinolates nor ITC's, but our powders consistently test very well in comparison to other global competitor's wasabi powders.  
Our supply typically refreshes two or more times per year so it remains fresh. 

Bulk Real Wasabi Powder -  Wholesale Purchasing Information

Our bulk Real Wasabi Powders are packed in 3KG Foil Bags, six (6) per carton, so a full carton contains 18 KG.  The product remains potent for at least two years if appropriately kept cool, dry and away from light.  Wholesale bulk pricing for our Real Wasabi blend is  $561 per 3kg ($187 per kg).  Our Pure Real Wasabi Rhizome Powder is $ 627 per 3kg.